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 The business license carries the item The business license carries the information
 Unified social credit code: 913707835913953307
 Company name Shouguang puer chemical co., LTD
 residence North of jinguang street, shouguang city (east of xianxia garment factory)
 Legal representative Yang Guofu
 The registered capital 10 million RMB
 Set up the date March 6th, 2012
 Business term March 6th, 2012 to March 06, 2032
 Scope of business R&d and production of flame-retardant products; Sales: chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals), plastic raw materials, rubber raw materials; To operate the import and export business of goods within the scope permitted by the state (for items subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments)

The company undertakes that the above information is truthfully released by the company according to the business license.